Viking Fivestar-Split Charters

Starting Price

Spend a day (or several) on the Viking FiveStar. She will be back from Florida and sailing from her home port in Montauk, NY in August. She is outfitted with all the latest and greatest fish-finding technology, as well as immaculate finish work to make her the most luxurious and comfortable fishing machine. She specializes in private charters and split offshore charters.

This custom designed 65′ vessel comes fully equipped with everything you need to have the best fishing experience. Sail in luxury and style on this world class vessel!

2018 Viking Fivestar Offshore Split Charter Schedule:

3 Day TNT – Limited
We will be targeting Tile during the day and Tuna during the night. This trip is limited to 10 passengers for extra room at the rail while Tile fishing.

Dates: Fri Aug 3 to Mon Aug 6
Departs: 7pm
Returns: 7pm
Fare: $1,100
10 Passenger Max
*Includes: Ice, Bait, All Tackle and Meals.

36 Hour Tuna

Dates: 8/8, 8/18, 8/22, 9/2, 10/5, 10/7
Departs: 3am
Returns: 3pm
Fare: $690
12 Passenger Max
*Includes: Ice, Bait, All Tackle and Meals.

3 Day Ultra Limited Captain’s Choice
This three day trip is going to give the captain a range of 200 miles from Montauk to target whatever offshore species is producing best at the time of the trip. Day one could be Cod fishing on George’s Bank or Tuna fishing in 1000 fathoms, or anything in between. Bring your full arsenal of tackle and be ready for anything
from Tile, Wreckfish and Cod to Tuna, Swordfish and Mahi! This trip is limited to 8 passengers.

Dates: Mon Aug 13 to Thur Aug 16.
Departs: 3pm
Returns: 3pm
Fare: $1,300
8 Passenger Max
*Includes: Ice, Bait, All Tackle and Meals.

48 Hour Tuna

Dates: 9/10, 9/17, 10/12, 10/19
Departs: 3pm
Returns: 3pm
Fare: $960
12 Passenger Max
*Includes: Ice, Bait, All Tackle and Meals.

2 Night Extended Full Moon Sword Special
This extended trip is limited to 10 anglers and is scheduled to fish 2 nights during the full moon to target swordfish. We will also be trolling during the day for Tuna and Mahi, but the evenings will be dedicated to Swordfish.

Dates: Mon Sept 24 to Wed Sept 26
Departs: 9am
Returns: 3pm
Fare: $1,100
10 Passenger Max
*Includes: Ice, Bait, All Tackle and Meals.

** Prices do not include gratuity **


Attention Viking Fivestar Fishermen!
The Viking Fivestar will be running some really exciting fishing trips out of Tarpon Springs, FL from March of 2018 through July of 2018! These overnight fishing trips will be heading to some offshore exotic locations targeting a number of species including Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack and many other bottom fish. For more information, you can head over to…/ and book online, or call our office in Tarpon Springs, FL at (727) 938-5300. These trips are already booking up fast, so plan your Florida offshore fishing trip with the Viking Fivestar!
The Viking Fivestar will be back in Montauk, NY in August of 2018, so to book prime dates in Montauk, you can call (631) 668-5700.

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