Viking Fivestar-Split Charters

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$ 200

Spend a day (or several) on the Viking FiveStar. She is outfitted with all the latest and greatest fish-finding technology, as well as immaculate finish work to make her the most luxurious and comfortable fishing machine. She specializes in private charters and split offshore charters. Give us a call to book!

This custom designed 65′ vessel comes fully equipped with everything you need to have the best fishing experience. Sail in luxury and style on this world class vessel!

2019 Viking Fivestar Offshore Split Charter Schedule:

Fall Schedule – Cod/SeaBass/Blackfish

30-50 Mile Wreck Special – 4am to 4pm – $280 – 12 passengers
Sailing in November on Wednesdays

Cod/SeaBass/Blackfish – 5am to 5pm – $250 – 12 passengers
Sailing in November on Saturday and Sunday

Block Island Cod/SeaBass – 5am to 3pm – $200 – 12 passengers
Sailing in December – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

All of these trips are available for Private Charter!
Please call to book.

Block Island Cod/SeaBass
$2000 up to 12 passengers
Depart – 5AM
Return – 3PM

Block Island Cod/SeaBass/Blackfish
$2500 up to 12 passengers
Depart – 5AM
Return – 5PM

30 – 50 Mile Wreck
$3000 up to 12 passengers
Depart – 4AM
Return – 4PM