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All Tackle Recommendations

Montauk Tackle Recommendations

Porgy Fishing
Rod:Light Rod
Reel: Light Reel
Line: 20-30 pound test
Hook:1/0 -3/0 (3/0 best for Cherry Harbor)
Sinkers: 5-8 oz( Cherry Harbor 2 to 5oz)
Bait:Clam provided

Half Day Fluke Fishing
Rod: Light Rod
Reel: Light Reel     
Line: 20-30 pound test
Hook: 3/0 -5/0
Sinkers: 5-8 oz
Bait: Squid and Spearing provided

Night Striped Bass
Rod: Medium to heavy
Reel: 4/0
Line:40-60 pound test
Hook: 6/0 -8/0
Sinkers: 10-16 oz
Jigs: 6-8 oz
Bait: Eels provided (when a/v)

Jigging Bass and Blues

Rod: Medium Weight Rod to 7ft
Reel: Light Reel     
Line: 40 pound test
Hook:Diamond Jig
Jigs: 4-6 oz

Local Cod Fishing
Rod: Medium
Reel: 4/0
Line:40-50 pound test
Hook:5/0 -6/0
Sinkers: 10oz-12 oz
Jigs: 8oz-12oz
Bait: Clams provided

Black Fishing
Rod: Medium to heavy
Reel: 4/0
Line:40-50 pound test
Hook:3/0 -5/0
Sinkers: 8-16 oz
Bait: Green Crabs provided (when a/v)

Montauk Offshore Recommended Tackle

Tile and Pollock
Rod: 6’-8’ Heavy Duty Rod
Reel:4/0 – 6/0 retrieve reel
Line: 60-80 pound test fire line, spider wire or braided line a must – 300yds of line.
Hooks: 8/0 hooks
Sinkers: 20 oz – 3 pounds depending on current
Bait: All provided

Special Offshore Fluke Trips
Rod: Light Rod
Reel: Light to medium
Line: 20- 30 pound test
Hooks: 5/0 – 6/0
Sinkers: 5 – 12 oz ( sinker size will depend on the current)
Bait: All provided

Tuna and Swords
Rod: 80-130 pound class stand up tuna rod
*No Braided Line for chunking tuna.
Your chunking reel must have at least 300 ft of mono if you want to use braid for a backing.
We recommend 60-100 lb test mono.

Reel:6/0 – 9/0 Reel
Line:150lb class jigging rod with a 4/0 – 6/0 size reel with 60-80lb mono
*We do allow braided line for a jigging set up, but do not recommend it.
    80 lb test braid is fine for jigging, 60 lb works too.
Hooks: 5/0 -10/0 live bait hooks
Sinkers:1-8 oz egg sinkers – 10-16 oz bank sinkers
Diamond Jigs: 8-12 oz., light sticks and assorted 6”-9”trolling lures.
*Also:12-15 pound class spinning rod and reel, ultra light for live bait catching – mahi mahi, 250 pounds or larger barrel swivels, 80,100,130 flouro-carbon leaders, 1 sabiki bait catcher rigs,  2 squid jigs
Bait: All provided

Offshore Sea Bass Specials
We will be fishing in 180-400 feet of water.

Rod: Medium to heavy
Reel: 4/0
Line:40 pound test
Hook:6/0 -8/0
Sinkers: 8-20 oz
Bait: Clam provided

Offshore Cod Trips
Rod: 6’-8’ Heavy Duty Cod Rod
Reel:4/0 – 6/0 Reel
Line:40-50 pound test, 50-80 pound test for whale cod
Hooks: 7/0 -8/0 hooks
Sinkers: 12-20oz whale cod and virgin wreck trips
Diamond Jigs:10-24 oz., jelly worms and tubes
*On the trip bring the above as well as a 7’-9’ heavy duty rod, a 4/0 reel with 80 pound braided line,
and sinkers from 20 to 30 oz.
Bait: All provided