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New York Fishing Regulations

2023 Regulations

18.5 inch minimum size; 4 fish per day. Season of May 1- Oct 9


Jan 1-Dec 31; 10.5 inches; 30 fish
Party/Charter boats: bag limit increases to 40 fish from Sept 1- Oct 31

-Sea Bass-

June 23- Aug 31; 16.5 inches; 3 fish
Sept 1-Dec 31; 16.5 inches; 6 fish

-Striped Bass-

28″ to 31″ Slot. 1 fish per angler. April 15 to December 15


16 inch size limit. All waters.
Long Island Sound Region
April 1 to April 30 – 2 fish per day.
Oct 11 to Dec 9 – 3 fish per day.


No size limit. 5 fish per day on for hire vessels. Open all year.


21 inch minimum size. Open all year/ 10 fish per day

-Winter Flounder-

Open April 1- May 30; two fish; 12 inch minimum size


19 inch minimum size / No Limit/ All Year


16 inch minimum size / One Per Day / All Year

* Note all measurements are total length.

*Regulations were last changed on June 21, 2022, and are subject to change at any time.*

2023 Recreational Atlantic Tunas Retention Limits


3 (Per Man) – PER TRIP
The minimum size for yellowfin tuna is 27″ curved fork length


27″ to less than 73″ – 1/Vessel/Day or Trip
73″ or greater – 1/Vessel/ Year


Big Eye
The minimum size for bigeye tuna is 27″ curved fork length

Golden Tilefish
The recreational possession limit of golden tilefish is eight fish per angler, per trip. There are no fish size limits in the recreational tilefish fisheries.