New York Fishing Regulations

2017 Regulations

19 inch minimum size; 3 fish per day. Season of May 17- Sept 21


16 inch size limit. Four fish possession limit, open season Oct 5- Dec 14


No size limit. 15 fish per day, no more than 10 or which may be less than 12″ in total length


22 inch minimum size. Open all year/ 10 fish per day


Open April 1- May 30; two fish; 12 inch minimum size


19 inch minimum size limit


May 1-Dec 31; 10 inches; 30 fish
Party/Charter boats: bag limit increases to 45 fish from Sept 1- Oct 31

-Sea Bass-

June 27- Aug 31; 15 inches; 3 fish
Sept-Oct; 15 inches; 8 fish
November-December; 15 inches; 10 fish

-Striped Bass-

All marine water south of George Washington Bridge – one fish per day; 28 inch minimum; April 15 to Dec 15. Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge- one fish per day; 18 – 28 inches or one fish over 40 inches.


16 inch minimum size, one fish per day

* Note all measurements are total length.

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