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Fight For Your Fishing Rights!


The Viking Fleet is very proud to be board members for a not-for-profit organization called the New York Recreational & For-Hire Fishing Alliance, or NY RFHFA. This organization’s goals are to help the fishermen of the State of New York fight for fair & equitable fishing regulations.

The party and charter boats, as well as the private anglers, in the state of New York have been suffering far too long with unnecessary, unfair, and irresponsible fishing regulations.

Whether you like it or not, politics play a huge role in fisheries management. Your membership is the key to successfully lobbying support from key lawmakers and politicians. United under the NY RFHFA, we will have a strong voice in fighting for the way our fisheries are managed. With your support, we will fight on both the State and Federal level for fair and equitable fishing regulations for recreational fishermen in NY.

The NY RFHFA is taking donations of just $10 per person to join so that we can represent a large number of anglers at both State and Federal fishery meetings. There is strength in numbers, and your support can help us achieve our goals of obtaining fair and equitable regulations!

You can sign up and donate at

Thank you for your support!

The Viking Fleet Team