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Thurs May 31 – Sat June 2

Thurs May 31 – Sat June 2
Off-Shore Cod/Fluke Trip
Capt Steven Jr reports that we had an excellent trip, even though we had a lack of cod. The first day we had haddock flying as soon as we started, and right into the dark. We searched high and low covering 30 miles of the bank looking for some cod to work on, but only found haddock. We also hit a wreck and found a handful of cod, and some pollack. With the coolers full, we headed inshore to the Nantucket fluke grounds. This is where we spent day 2, which was another excellent day of fishing. Lots of quality sized fish kept the nets from being put down for very long. Biggest fish were in the 8-9lb range, and had plenty of 4-6lb fish to go around. All in all, a great trip with a great group of guys and a load of tasty fillets to fill all the coolers.

This trip we had 2 cod pool winners, and 2 fluke pool winners. Bruce Wahl of Greenport, NY, took 1st place for Cod, and Umar Butt of Stonybrook, NY, took second place. Both cod were around 8lbs. Brian Martin of Valley Stream, NY, took 1st place with a 9lb fluke, and Brad Seltzer of Harrisburg, PA, took 2nd place with 8.5 pounder.