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Fishing Report

Whale Watching

Sun July 3- Whale Watch

One of the best trips in 10 years The Viking Fleet and CRESLI began our 27th consecutive season of whale watching trips with amazing encounters with 8 fin whales, 1 humpback (back for its 3rd time in the past 4 years), 2 groups of about 30 short-beaked common dolphins, and a large and diverse array of pelagic birds. The whales, dolphins, and birds were feeding on dense prey patches at 125-150 feet down. What a way to start!! 8 finback whales 1 humpback whale 60 short-beaked common dolphins 15 Wilson’s storm petrels 70 Great shearwaters 10 Cory’s shearwaters 5 Sooty shearwaters 3 Manx shearwaters Photos to come soon! Our next trip is scheduled to go Wednesday July 6th at 2pm! Don’t miss out!

Wed March 21

Whale Watching Schedule – 2018 We are happy to announce the schedule for 2018. We had 100% successful sightings in 2017 and are excited to get back out there this summer! There has been a time change and an additional date added. We will begin sailing on Sunday July 1st and continue thru Sunday September…